Campaign Against Leafleting Bans

leaflet campaign image NEW!: Defra releases new guidance giving protections to leafleteers.

Sign petition against leafleting bans. See Lord Clement Jones' Draft Private Members' Bill for the deregulation of leafleting.

It has become almost impossible to hand out leaflets in many town and city centres. Local councils including Brighton, Leicester and Leeds have introduced leafleting zones, within which you have to pay a fee (and often wear a badge) if you want to flyer. These rules have been catastrophic for grassroots organisations, including village halls, comedy clubs and nightclubs, who rely on leafleting to inform local people about their events.

This campaign defends the right to leaflet as one of the key civic freedoms. We call for a review of councils' no-tolerance policies - and for a new regime that recognises people's right to leaflet as essential for a free and vibrant civic life.

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Over the past few years it has become almost impossible to hand out leaflets in many UK town and city centres.

Using powers contained in the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, local authorities have introduced leafleting zones within which people must buy a licence if they want to flyer.

These rules have been catastrophic for village halls, circuses, political campaigners, comedy clubs and nightclubs.

Our new report Leafleting: A Liberty Lost? charts the rapid spread of these unnecessary rules, and finds that 27% of councils now restrict public leafleting.

The report calls for a review of local authorities’ no-tolerance policies, and for a more liberal regime that recognises leafleting as part of a free and vibrant civic life.

See the full report, Leafleting: A Liberty Lost?